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Review Minecraft

Minecraft is survival game, it was released on the 17 May 2009. The game graphics are boxs meaning everything is a box in minecraft. Minecraft can really be fun with friends and just to make around. I have enjoyed the fact you can just chill and play survival (on easy mode). Its really nice that you can change how hard you want the game to be. So if you want really hard you would pice hardcore mode. But if you are like me you want the easy mode.

Creative in minecraft, is a really cool way to just build whatever you want. Me and my mates had a blast making this town in creative. I definitely recommend playing creative with friends. This really is not a solo mode. I mean if you like playing with yourself on game. Go for it but in my experience I prefer playing with friends. Creative mode can really test your building skills in this game. Like making a nice house or even a nice treehouse. All I am saying is that you can do anything you want to make something out of blocks! I would rate this creative mode 8/10.

Overall Minecraft is a basic game but really enjoyable when you know how to build and hot to make things (e.g tools) but if you really like to play a survival game that has a twerky vibe to it than play minecraft. I reckon he age on this game should be 5+ because there is no killing or guns but just creativity.

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