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Review Fortnite (Battle Royal)

Fortnite is a 100 player battle royal game made by Epic Games. It was released on the july the 25th, 2017. This game has a cartoon look to it in my view of playing this game. In this battle royal game Fortnite, you can build and use that to your advantage. The game updates very often. For example hamster balls have been added . It's a great feeling having updates every week with you things (Guns,Vehicles and new items). Another awesome things that epic games have done to Fortnite is battle passes (Meaning a pack of things you can earn in the game while playing). These battle passes are not for free but it's a good price ($16).

Playground is a mode that you can practice your buildings and just have no competitive feel when playing the real game. But in playground you can improve without the pressure of people rushing you or getting smashed by a try-hard (Pro player). I have really used this game mode to my advantage because I am terrible at building and by me having this. It makes me build confidence when building in the real game. I would rate playground 9/10 just because its basic but really useful when you are as bad as me at the game.

Creative is relatively new and this gives people to use their creativity in building worlds and courses that people can access thru codes. Streamers use this to connect to their audience/fans. Creative mode can also let you be able to do 1v1 or free-for-all games with mates. My experience in using creative has been great because whenever I want to challenge my friends to a fight, to see who is better, this creative game mode is the best for that. I would rate 10/10 for creative game mode because of the fact I can make my own courses and maps. This is really a nice feeling when you can share your world or courses that you have made and get your friends to play on that world with you.

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